Former Chairperson Mrs Anju Yonzon Tamang’s message.

Lhasso Phyafulla,

Dear all members,

I am so delighted to express my heart-warming congratulations to the newly elected Executive committee. As we have come to the end of our running term, I would like to look back on the amazing accomplishments that our society has achieved through the absolute support and dedication from each member.

Foremost, becoming registered as a charity in the UK has reinforced our platform to support and advocate for many causes including the Dhim Project fund and the initiation of the Scholarship Programme in Nepal. It is through the compassion and generosity of our members that both have been so successful, especially being able to provide underprivileged children in Nepal an opportunity to learn and prosper.

The preservation of our Tamang heritage remains at the heart of our society so continuing our cultural events such as Lhochhar and the introduction of Damphu Sangh has been a great success. During this time, we have created many memories together, grown as a society, and have built strong relations with each other as well as many global communities such as the International Tamang council. 

Together we have built a strong and cohesive society, rising to greater levels of its potential. It has been an honour to lead the society for the past 5 years which has been an enjoyable and humbling experience. I sincerely thank our Executive committee who have worked very hard alongside their busy lives. Additionally, a big thank you to Lama Guru, Mani Team, Advisors, Trustees and all our members for their unconditional help and support. Everything we have achieved, has been a team effort and could not be possible without you all. I really appreciate this despite the obstacles we have faced this past year, but we have all still continued and persevered.

I would like to congratulate and express my best wishes to our new Executive team once again. Chairperson Gyan Tamang Asheng has worked with dedication and integrity as General Secretary for the last 5 years displaying his full capability to lead Tamang society for the next few years. I strongly believe Chairperson Gyan Asheng, General Secretary Mani Tamang Bhai and team will take Tamang Society of UK to another level and excel.

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year, may this year bring everyone prosperity, happiness, good health and peace.


Mrs Anju Yonzon Tamang

Former Chairperson
Tamang Society of UK