Important informations for members.

Dear all Respected EC members, Lama Guru, Advisors, Area Representatives and Members of TSoUK


(Good afternoon)

After having observed the Dashain (Mhening or Mheding) and “Armistice day” we would like to keep you informed of the following;

1. Annual General Meeting (AGM) Cum Election of the New Executive Committee:

The originally planned Annual General Meeting (AGM) in April has been postponed due to Covid-19 pandemic and the risk of pandemic is real and still growing. We are on the 2nd Lock Down period and at the doorsteps of the festive season like (Tihar, Christmas and New Year) 2021. However, we need to abide by the rules. Therefore, we are planning to hold our AGM on:

Sunday 10 January 2021.

Time: 1000 hrs

Venue: TBC

(The venue will be confirmed in due course and we may have to consider for the virtual AGM if the Covid 19 risk remained high).

We would like to ask our current EC members to be prepared for the Hand Over/Take Over (HO/TO) to your successor accordingly.

2. Election of the New Executive Committee:

The Election Commission is already set up as following;

Mr Rabindradeo Tamang, Ex Chairman TSoUK -​ Chief Election Commissioner

Mr Dharma Bahadur Tamang, EX Chairman TSoUK -​ Member

Mr Dhan Lama, Ex Chairman TSoUK -​​​Member

We would like to ask request to our members to put your name forward to the Election Commission directly for your preferred post with your short CV. We as a society, anticipate your enthusiasm and continued support.

3. Sonam Lhochhar Celebration 2021:

The actual date of Sonam Lhochhar celebrations is on Friday 12th February 2021. But as we are required to accommodate and consider our members who needs to be at work during the weekdays, we may have to celebrate it on the weekend of (Saturday/Sunday i.e. 6/7) February 2021. “PROVISIONAL”

Therefore, please note that is what we are aiming for now but subject to confirmation and we wait for further suggestions from our respectful members, too.

4. Financial Support (Raahat) to the Landslides’ Victims in Sindhupalchok, Nepal:

This is just to keep you informed that the contributions were received from 112 family/members and the total sum of £5241 (five thousand two hundred and forty-one pound) was raised. All the money went to Nepal. Total sum of NCRs 800000.00(Eight Laakh Nepali Rupees) was handed over in Cash to the individual victims at the actual site i.e. (Jugal Gau Palika 2 Lidi – 7 Laakh and 1 Laakh in Barhabise).

Tamang Society of UK would like to express our heartfelt appreciation and sincere “Thank You” to all the kind and generous donors. We won’t be able to provide such “Malam Patti” without your support.

5. Education Sponsorships for the school children in Nepal;

We were able to visit and distribute our sponsored items in person last year around this time, but we are going to be unable to do so this year. However, our obligation will continue, and the necessary coordination are being arranged at the moment. Therefore, we would like to remind and request our generous sponsors to pay their pledges into the Education account please. If anyone is interested to join this project you are always welcomed, and you may forward your name to the TSoUK treasurer.

Finally, we would like to wish you all the happiness and good health.

Stay alert, safe and healthy.

Kind regards



Gyan Tamang

General Secretary


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