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For your kind information and action please find the following;

  1. Our 2857th Sonam Lhochhar (Laang Lho) Celebration (virtual) was very successful. We would like to thank all who were able to join in on the day ( School children and staff from Sindhupalchok, Nepal Tamang kalakarharu from Kathmandu, International Tamang Council Representatives from Belgium, Spain, Hamburg, Switzerland, Portugal, Gantok Sikkim, Chairman and representatives of various organisations here in the UK and our own members, family and friends). We were able to have and hear from the Chief guest Mrs Roshan Khanal, DCOM, Nepal Embassy London. It was so nice and a different experience to exchange the Lhochhar Greetings messages by so many individuals individually. Let’s hope that we won’t have to do this way again in the future !!
  2. The financial contributions made by our kind donors is much appreciated and accounted for. The financial support to the family with disabled children in Itahari Nepal took place on Saturday 13 March 2021.
    Mr Lacchuman Tamang, Moktan and Mrs Man maya Tamang (father and mother) of those disabled children were so pleased in receiving the financial support from Tamang Society of UK. They’ve confirmed that the receiving the sum of 5 laakh, 10 hajaar 370 rupees before and 1 laakh, 15 hajaar rupees on 13/03/2021.
    We wish them a happier and peaceful life ahead.
  3. Now, the current Executive Committee has been working almost five (5) years (jaani najaani) for the Tamang Society of UK.
    And the most important event “Election of the New Executive Committee” of the Tamang Society of UK is scheduled for Sunday 11th April 2021.
    The election commission team is already formed and relevant informations will follow soon.

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Finally, please stay safe and healthy.

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Gyan Tamang