Financial Support in Education for Children in Nepal

Tamang Society of United Kingdom (TSoUK) – (Registered Charity Number: 1176691)

Financial Support in Education for Children in Nepal

1. We are collating feedback information from our members so that we can set up a Guideline and procedures plan in place for the Financial Support towards EDUCATION to underprivileged children in remote parts of Nepal.

2. We have got some volunteer individuals already who are happy to contribute and join into our project for short and long term.

3. The shorter term is 3 years and the longest is for 12 years but individuals can continue beyond 12 years point as well. The estimated cost per child for a year is £60 at present. Any donors willing to contribute differently i.e. one of sponsor or different amount will also be able to do so as per their will.

4. Obviously, this is a Long and Ongoing Project for the Tamang Society of UK.

5. We sincerely believe and hope that generous and kind individuals will come forward and join in to this worthy project so that we can help support needy children whose parents are unable to support their children to be educated.

6. We plan to finalise all the legal aspects of the project soonest so that we can start it within this academic year.

7. We plan to start up this project from the Sindhupalchok district initially and expand to other districts in coming years.

8. We all know that we can’t support everyone but we can at least support someone.

Your positive thoughts and feedback are welcome.

We look forward to hearing from you soon and your co-operational support on the subject matter will be much appreciated.


Sincerely Yours

Mr Gyan Tamang
General Secretary
Tamang Society of UK

Dear all Contributors and members Phyafulla.

The Financial Support in Education for Children in rural Nepal has been launched by our Chairperson, Mrs Anju Yonzon Tamang and her team where 21 under privileged children has been chosen in Sindhupalchok district. The following generous and kind personnel have volunteered to sponsor. We appreciate your contributions and would like to request to make the payment into the following bank account please. New HSBC Account for Educational Support.

Bank: HSBC AC No. 22253054 S/Code: 40-08-32 AC Name: TSoUK (Ref: Education + your name please)

The personnel on this list have volunteered to sponsor as following:
Ser. Name & Address Child Years Remarks

01. Mr Deuraj Tamang, Shyangbo & Mrs Anju Yonzon Tamanag (Chairperson) 1 – 10+2 yrs.

02. Mr Dharma Bahadur Tamang, Samden & Mrs Laxmi Moktan Tamang 1 – 5yrs

03. Mrs Sundari Bomjan Tamang & Mr Pancha Samden, Tamang 1 – 5yrs

04. Mr & Mrs Sharmila Lopchan Tamang 1 – 10yrs

05. Mrs Yashoda Golay Tamag & Mr Gyan Tamang Moktan 1 – 10+2 yrs.

06. Mrs Shantee Yonjan Tamang & Mr Phulman Tamang 1 – 10 + 2 yrs

07. Mrs Sharmila Shyangbo 1 – 5yrs

08. Mr Govinda Shyangbo, Tamang & Mrs Pemsung Bomjan 1 – 5yrs

09. Mr Gopal Bomjan Tamang & Mrs Chandra Maya Tamang 1 – 5yrs

10. Mr & Mrs Manraj Tamang, Shyangbo 1 – 5yrs

11. Mr Chhedup Tamang & Miss Yuden Tamang (Brother & Sister) 1 – 5yrs.

12. Mr Saroj Tamang (Son of Sunil Waiba Tamang), 1-5 years

13. Mr Bal Bahadur Lama (B2) Winchester £51 Each year (unlimited)

14. Dr R G Tamang 1 – 10yrs.

15. Dr Jeet Tamang & Mr Bhim prasad Shyangbo Tamang, 1 – 10yrs

16. Mr Badri Golay & Mrs Begam Tamang paid 1 – 5yrs

17. Mr C B Tamang 1 – 5yrs

18. Mr & Mrs Pushpa Raj Moktan, Tamang paid 1 – 5yrs

19. Mr & Mrs Singa Bahadur Golay, Tamang paid 1 – 10 yrs

20. Mr Lakh Bahadur & Mrs Naindra Tamang 1-5 years

21. Mr Hom Lopchan 1-5 years

22. Mr & Mrs Mani Raj Moktan 1-10 years.

23. Mr Krishna Raj Titung 2-5years

24. Mr Kaman Singh Waiba 1-2 years

25. Mr Dhan Tamang 1-5 years

26. Mr Bishnu Tamang & Mrs Shanta Tamang 1-10+2 yrs

27. Mr Pratap Lama 1-5 years

28.Mr Bhakta Tamang & Mrs Usha Tamang 1-5 years

29. Mr Sukra Tamang & Mrs Bimala Tamang 1- 5 years

30. Mrs Amrita Tamang & Mr Chandan Tamang 1 – 5 years

31. Mr Parsu Waiba & Mrs Ambika Tamang 1 – 5 yrs

32. Mr Bipendra Yakso Limbu & Mrs Tara Tamang 1 – 5 yrs.

If you are interested in this campaign and project please contact us sooner. Your thoughtfulness and humanity always appreciated.